Acatel OT 980 10.01.11

The original picture for the '5 stars rating'
'Stars' edited
Finally as shown on the preview of the site, when clicking on the first phone ‘Acatel OT 980’ the description of the phone, ratings and further links will appear. As visible at the bottom of the main box containing the information and further images there are 3 tabs to click on which will go to different pages containing prices and the ability to purchase the phone. Also further down are the boxes and images showing the customer what features the phone has. If the customer was to click on one of these, other phones with that feature on will appear in the same format as the main phone page. Instead of using stars as a review I decided to use the characters again to add a little more personality to the page. Again I found another version of the character used throughout and using the magic wand deleted everything but the man and his love heart that is red. Using free transform I resized the characters and made the final man’s heart half empty to show 4.5/5 positive reviews. There is also the option to read the reviews and write your own. This creates good trustworthy publicity for the phone and our company.
The ability to share the phone on Facebook and twitter is also available once again to gain publicity as the link would come straight to the company’s website which is hopefully enjoyable enough for students to look through as we hope. The range of networks the phone is available in is also visible on first sight of the phones key information. Other images of the phone are also there to view.

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