The theme of the website 23.12.10

The original image for my background from Pincel3d.deviant art
Knowing that students like basic, easy to use, fun and simple websites I’ve decided to use a cartoon image for the background that isn’t too distracting but that had its appeal to younger people. Having used Pincel3d.deviant art work before I know that as a student it appeals to me and the majority of people I know as students, therefore I think it is the perfect theme to go with and since there are so many images with similar themes I know that I can use the characters designed by Pincel3d throughout.
The background picture I have used for all the pages on the website has writing on it saying ‘For You’, this doesn’t go with the theme of the website and therefore needs erasing, using the eyedropper tool for the sky and the airbrush tool I have erased the writing. To make it link in with mobile phones I have also put iPhones into the characters hands and the company slogan ‘get connected get wired’ on the brow of the hill. I think the image is perfect. Wired is appealing to students in many ways, as most young people know ‘Wired’ is student lingo for being intoxicated and having fun making people want to know more about the company which is why we chose it, it also means being connected, hence the link to mobile phones. The image in the background almost seems hallucinogenic and unreal, a boy passing a girl the moon sums up the feeling of being under the influence and being connected to a stranger or friend and the fact they both have mobile phones just sums it up even more. The colour theme came from the image, orange black and white being the main colours used.

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