Phones page 5.01.11

The phone page then requires an extra folder on Photoshop. The aim of this page is that if the customer clicks directly on the tab then the page shown will appear which shows all phones the company does with numerous pages to click on at the bottom centre of the page. If the customer hovers over the tab then a drop down menu will appear which will show brands of phones making it a simpler process for a customer knowing what they want. To make this page 2 rectangular white opaque boxes are used, then individually a selection of phones from Carphone Warehouse’s website (which is a similar company to our own hence the reason for choosing it) are copied and pasted onto the page, using the magic wand again everything but the phone itself is deleted. Using free transform to resize them they are lined up in the rectangle box. Finally simple Calibri text is used to name each phone. Using boxes, texts and arrows page numbers are put at the bottom of the page so the consumer can browse continuously. The page layout will stay the same but the phones will change.

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