The logo and the app button 28.12.10

The original image for the logo and app

The logo for the company

Next the logo for the company… It needs to be bold, simple and eye catching, hence Impact being the font, strong and straightforward appealing to both sexes. So that students understand we are a mobile phone retailer without having to read too much into it, ‘Independent mobile phone retailer has been added under the title of the company, in smaller italics as to not take over the main emphasis of the company name. Next another character from Pincel3d is selected and using the magic wand, the background is deleted along with the love heart on its chest and the shadow at its feet. Resizing it to fit alongside the title and description, the logo is formed.
An app logo is also created using the same character resized to a small image with a grey box behind it and an orange ‘W’ which stands for Wired on its stomach.

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